Hello everyone
and welcome to the new graphicaline.com version 2014.
After several months of research and a long time of thinking , I finally found the perfect solution for setting up my new website. Indeed, finding a balance between efficiency and simplicity , asked me to dig seriously into the new web standards. This is something that is not easy when looking for a tool to optimize a website in optimal conditions. Today the website has become an essential tool for a freelance graphic designer and as MotionDesigner I needed a platform to showcase my creations. So I needed a site that is both affordable, sleek and easy to use. Based on this observation , I decided to completely overhaul my entire website. The construction of this new website asked me to go through several stages , one of the most important was to define what would be the purpose of it ? So I set several goals to establish my workflow for my website achievement. For a good experience for both the user and the administrator needs to find the right formula.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site.

Feel free to share your comments or suggestions.

See you soon.