UA professional career is rarely a linear journey, it is a path full of barriers and obstacles to overcome.

I chose my passion to make it a job, and even if I worked in what I loved, sometimes we need a deep questioning to discover new path. In my case the difficulty was to leave what I no longer wanted, to expose my convictions, relearn and reassess my priorities.

Left what we like … Yes but in what? Where to go?

I worked more than 10 years in post-production, I was dedicated to my job, I had trained, I had developed my skills around this area of expertise. When we talk, we think and we decide to retraining, we must rediscover a new job, launch new goals without partiality
To be honest, I did not expect to find a job that thrills my creative spark, and yet just meeting the right person can help us change.

When you start a professional retraining, you have to be able to question your beliefs and your certainties, an essential ingredients to regain taste and pleasure in a new job.

Today, I decided to convert to UX design, because I like the methodological approach of this business that gives meaning to creation and design. An approach whose objective is to facilitate human experiences, through behavioral patterns, emotions and usability.
That’s what finally thrilled my creative spark again. I was so lucky to have had the taste and desire to discover new experiences.
But to do that, you have to do it kindly, to be lenient with yourself and to accept your faults.
There is no recipe or path all traced, you must be open to the unknown.

Take care of yourself