After working in the field of graphic design and post-production, I decided to converted to UX Design
One of the big difficulties, it is knowing how to do it, because you have access to a lot of information and tutorials online. It is very difficult to sort it out. I had the chance to do an informational meeting with someone in the field who gave me valuable tips on where to start.

During the summer, I first took an introductory training at UX Design at INIS followed by a MOOC of 6 course modules on the basics of UX Design developed by the industrial research chair of HEC Montréal. I also followed several online tutorials on Linkedin learnings platform and read a lot of books on the subject. That helped me a lot in the discovery of UX Design.

However, as this is a new area for me, there were some somewhat abstract approaches and methods that I had some troubles to understand.
That’s why, I had the idea to group the different information I had. I took in notes during tutorials, training and software tests that I followed.
So I created a “practical guide” on UX as a course material to clarify and structure the principles and concepts I have learned so far.

Pour expliquer ma démarche :

  • I first collected a maximum of data and information
  • Then I organized and sorted my notes
  • I simplified as much as possible the different concepts and methods thanks to diagrams
  • Finally, I got an indesign template, which I modified to gather all of my knowledge

Today, I share it, because sometimes in life we ​​receive help altruistically with a lot of empathy and I want to give back the knowledge I have acquired.

Here is the link to my “practical guide”:

Available here

And I would like to say a big thank you, to Sébastien Paccioni who helped me in this process of transition.


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Accélérer l’innovation et réduire l’incertitude
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LinkedIn Learning

Découvrir les techniques du design UX

Design UX : La conceptualisation creative

Design UX : La conduite de tests

Design UX : La creation de personas

Design UX : Conception de l’interactivité

Les fondements de l’UX : le prototypage

Design UX : la creation de scenarios et de storyboards

Design UX : Le prototypage papier

Design UX : Le recueil et l’analyse des données utilisateur