Today I received my mooc validation certificate that I followed during the summer, and as usual I put it in my file “diplomas” with the others.
And when I opened this file again, I rediscovered my old diplomas I had forgotten.
In general, I do not really care or take any pride in these pieces of paper.
But this time, watching them all in front of me, I became aware of my accomplished career , like stages markers of life.
We forget sometimes the joys, the pains, the difficulties, the sacrifices, the satisfactions that we meet throughout our professional career.
My diplomas reminded me the path I had chosen : to be a creative, there is both good acquaintances (too few) and bad (too much).
One of my old teachers told me one day: “It takes guts to do this job”, early in my career, I did not quite understood the meaning of his sentence.
But now with my experience feedback, I see that “guts” are needed and a lot in our business.
We take shots, we fall, we get up, we move on, we suffered failure, we savor the victories.
Diplomas are a bit of a gauge of all this, they validate our successes throughout our professional experience
But accomplishment, achievement, is not only measured by success, failures are also part of it.
Diplomas remind us that an experience, good or bad is always rewarding.
Finally, the question is not which prestige is attributed to an institution, but not to forget where one comes from and the path one has taken.

Take care of yourself