I am a graphic designer in Montreal, recently trained in UX Design.

Since I started my career in 2006 I have acquired strong skills in the field of design and artistic creation. I had to work in graphic design, motion design and special effects in the film industry.

From my experiences as an employee and freelancer, I have learned to be an effective team-player who knows how to meet and exceed client’s expectations. My career has allowed me to deep-in and improve my creative, technical, administrative and human relationships skills.

Passionate about the field of design and creation, I have always wanted to constantly progress and specialize by regularly following the news related to this area of expertise.

That’s why, during the summer of 2018, I took an introduction course in UX Design.
Thanks to UX Design I understood the importance of producing content solutions that give meaning to an idea.
I like to understand behavioral patterns, emotions and manners in order to provide a comprehensive proposal by taking into account the creative needs of a project. Whether in a context of professional life or personal life, I like to find solutions that facilitate human experiences.

I combine design, technique and creativity to offer you the best expertise.


Project management

Interpret a request to explain, translate, and give direction to an idea. Defining one or more designs angles and take into account the creative needs for a project. Providing a comprehensive proposal to meet project expectations.

Graphic Design 100%
Artistic Design 100%
Creative Design 100%